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When I am younger…
(for Eric D. Nelson)

When I am younger
I will listen
For the singing of crickets
When the sun goes down.
I will dare
To jump rope in the front yard
Calling out
The names of friends.
I will sit in a grassy field
And wonder why the wind
Picks only certain blades
To dance.
I will pick a certain blade
And hold it between my thumbs
And whistle for the wind
To come dance with me.

When I am younger
I will turn over rocks
To find the secret life of worms.
I will carve my height
In the door frame
To measure my growth.
I will read myself to sleep
With a flashlight under the covers.

One day
When I am younger
I will stop
And hear my name
Whistled in the wind
To come dance
To come dance.

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