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Barophobia                        (new)


Gravity pulls waves closer to me
Murmuring in the small round rocks.
Gravity also pulls dead cells from my skin
Parts of me that kiss the earth.

I control neither.


I am afraid of going blind.


Yesterday you told me you loved me
And my body felt suddenly heavier.
I murmured back, “I love you, too.”


If I were a bird
I would always fly with the wind
Choosing ease over purpose
Choosing grace over direction.

I study the dissolution of clouds.


To me you are
An enigma of flesh
A puzzle of flesh
A challenge of flesh.


When I drive over a bridge
I am always afraid I will suddenly swerve
To purposefully crash through the guard rails
And fly, briefly, over open water.
My hands shake on bridges.


I close my eyes at sunsets and sunrises.
I need the solid blue of the day
Or the solid black of the night.


I think I am afraid of you.

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Late night wasteland                        (new)

I wake in the night
and go downstairs
and begin wandering through the living room
reading Eliot out loud.
I am not trying to reach anything
or expand my mind
but for some reason 2 am
calls for poetry and my voice.

My wife does not know I do this
once, twice a week.
After an hour I slip back into bed
rewarming our bodies.
The following mornings
my voice is always softer
my pace slower
and my love-you kisses more real.

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She is hidden…                        (new)

She is hidden in all my poems
Disguised as water
Or a stone
Or possibly sorrow.
I frame my words
With her geography in mind–
The coastline of her body
The mountains of her smile.
The rhythm of my poems
Are the rhythms of her breathing,
Asleep and awake.
They sing to me.

I imagine her reading my poems
And not recognizing herself.
She does not know she is hidden here.
She does not know this is her breathing.
She is looking in a mirror that does not reflect,
But I am on the other side.
I am gazing through
At the water
At the stone
At sorrow.

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