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Solus (#331)

She starts by explaining
The difference between
Loneliness and Alone

She is crying

I don’t know what to do
With my hands

When she trails off
Lost in her own contradictions
I want to add
Something about serendipity
And purpose
But the air is too heavy
With my nerves
And her denial

I have known her loneliness
And I have been alone
And neither helps me now

I, too, am crying
And I still don’t know what to do
With my hands

She sips her coffee
I sip my tea
We do not make eye contact

But I feel less alone

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On a crowded elevator between the 5th and 6th floors

My wife says to me,
“Why don’t you like crowds?”
And I want to explain to her
About marbles slamming together on the playground,
Steelies and cats’ eyes and shooters
And about the circle we drew
To contain them.
And I want to tell her
Of the strangling of tether balls
Around the shiny, slick poles,
Pushed tighter by the solid thuds
Of unseen hands.
And finally to describe the bell
To go back to class
And lining up by height
With me the shortest,
Feeling the weight of every other kid behind me
Pushing me forward.

But I can’t bring that violence to her,
That loneliness.
So I breathe through my nose,
Push back against the elevator walls,
Stare at the floor numbers,
Cough three times away from the other travelers
And pretend I didn’t hear her.


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at dawn
she moves with the rhythm of the air
her eyes as quiet as fishermen
she stands on her porch
and breathes white fog

by noon
she thinks she is dying

in the evening
she prays for rain
to save her again
to wet her skin
and remind her of morning

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Renewal of loneliness                    (new)

I left them here,
all the miles of separation
    that trail from my voice

I never thought I’d need them again

But this night is long,
      so very long

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