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The proper way of playing in the rain (middle-aged edition) (#337)

No jacket
(c’mon, that was obvious)
Sprinkles don’t count
It’s got to be a real rain
Stop short of severe tropical storm, though

Listen for the sound first
When it hits the roof (porch, car, church)
In one continuous wave
That’s when you open the door

Don’t ease your way out
One big stride
Pause for at least 30 seconds
Let the water soak in
Don’t shake your hair
Feel it drip
If you wear glasses
Now you can take them off
Blurriness is perfectly acceptable

Turn and look at the people
Who are watching you and judging you
Invite them out
The one who accepts, kiss them (him/her)

Look at the sky
With your eyes closed
Opening your mouth is optional

Grab your partner’s hand
Walk farther out
When you run into a puddle
Skirt around it
(kids would jump in)
When you run into the next puddle
Look at your partner
Squeeze and agree
And splash in
(remember, kids would jump in)

Begin to dance
In that way we all know
Arms out wide
Head tilted back

Because….you know….

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Saturday, driving to grandparents (#302)

half-awake Saturdays
driving to my grandparents’ house
my mind gives me
voices and visions of what should be
instead of us

intellectual llamas
contemplating Camus
conversations that cover
love and other lost civilizations

talk radio
heater on high
occasional glances in rear view mirror
checking on my mood

like elephants
sitting on the telephone wires
birds flying backwards
giving us the illusion of speed

poetic wanderings
safer than talking
that just leads to questions
I don’t want to answer

God’s breath
looming outside closed windows
warnings of storms only I can hear
the silence of lightning
waiting to strike

I close my eyes

they hope I’m asleep

I’m not

this is my only answer

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