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Dreams of an Eagle                       (college)

I streak after the light of a sunrise
But the eagle in flight soars above me
And the day passes.
Trapped in a bubble
I dream of riding the eagle to heaven
Clinging to his talons with my bloodied body.
But sunlight never comes to rescue me.

I batter my shell
Fighting with fists against night.
They meet no resistance
But bounce back, attacking me.
Tired and bruised, I sleep.

The eyes of the eagle
Pierce through my bubble
To wake me and grant me the power of flight.
Heartened, I leap after the eagle
And struggle to catch up.
Pulled along by his power, I soar next to him
Screaming like the wind with joy.

We stare into each other
And his eyes tell me where he’s leading.
I try to pull away
But the power of his dark wings
Holds me as surely as bloody talons.
We merge
And for the first time I see
His cruel beak
And the ferocity in his eyes.

Am I the hunter or the prey?

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