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“I don’t normally remember…” (#330)

I don’t normally remember my dreams
Fleeting images that fade
Before my legs swing to the floor
But last night I danced
In the rain
And I woke up proud

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Our First Night (#325)

You woke me from a dream about you
To tell me you had been dreaming about me

You would think this would make us soulmates
Or something
Already connected through the ether
Of the subconscious

And maybe we are

But I had been dreaming
Of you trapped in a black room

And you had been dreaming
Of my body separated
Into jagged pieces

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Even in dreams                  (new)

In a dream
A cute girl asked for my number
And I wrote it down wrong.
I realized this as soon as I woke up.
I tried to go back,
To fix my error,
Tried to find that elusive spot of sleep
That particular alternate universe,
But my dog needed to go out and pee
So I got up to open the door.
And the dream door to the cute girl closed.

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Vegas girl

All her dreams are neon–
Bright shiny things
That darken the rest of the sky.
Sometimes she dreams so big
She makes the horizon glow
Like Vegas seen from the desert
On a clear night.
If you get closer to her dreams, though,
You’ll see them sputter
And hear their constant hum.

But they sure look good
From a distance.

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Funeral               (2-voice poem)

if I scatter
my dreams
releasing them
                                       even when the moon
                                       doesn’t show
stars                                stars
fall?                                 fall?

my father left
                                       he ran out of dreams
                                       long ago
wasting them
on the side                      on the side
of the road                       of the road

he died
on a night
                                       with no stars

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