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Death in a Department Store                      (college)

The creature died
On the top shelf of the toy section.
Hitting the ground,
He splattered blood and perfect childhood gore
On the Tinkertoys and Barbie’s New Fashion Hair.
No customers seemed to notice,
But eventually a worker walked into Aisle 8
Mopped him up and carted him away.
His killer, seeing this,
Turned and shuffled over to Aisle 20 (automotive supplies)
Squeaking in his new Italian dress shoes.
They were one size too big
But he was growing into them.

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Dreams of an Eagle                       (college)

I streak after the light of a sunrise
But the eagle in flight soars above me
And the day passes.
Trapped in a bubble
I dream of riding the eagle to heaven
Clinging to his talons with my bloodied body.
But sunlight never comes to rescue me.

I batter my shell
Fighting with fists against night.
They meet no resistance
But bounce back, attacking me.
Tired and bruised, I sleep.

The eyes of the eagle
Pierce through my bubble
To wake me and grant me the power of flight.
Heartened, I leap after the eagle
And struggle to catch up.
Pulled along by his power, I soar next to him
Screaming like the wind with joy.

We stare into each other
And his eyes tell me where he’s leading.
I try to pull away
But the power of his dark wings
Holds me as surely as bloody talons.
We merge
And for the first time I see
His cruel beak
And the ferocity in his eyes.

Am I the hunter or the prey?

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Portrait                            (college writing)

This would make a good painting.
Light shining
On the white wall behind you
As you stare forward
Intent and poised.
Catch it from my perspective
Of looking between cedar pillars,
As I am,
And paint it with a flair
And a mixture of colors
That would do you justice
But which is beyond me–
Your brown hair with hints of burgundy
And blue eyes
I can even see from this far away
Set off against your
White uniform blouse.
You move
And the moment is lost.
But you are no less beautiful.

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