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Callie (#3)

she is in love
with betrayal and its beauty–
the crispness of its pain
and the silence
after its last cries

she enjoys when it first wanders
into warm rooms
like a gentle tourist
looking for a place to rest
(its smile is always inviting)
and by the time betrayal has left the room
the air is frosty with breath
and no one knows
why the world has turned just that way

they only feel an absence
like a distant relative has died
or a childhood memory, once so important,
has blurred into the past

betrayal first caressed her at 12
deep in a winter’s night

it wasn’t beautiful then
her pain was gray and soft
something that left more bruises than cuts

but deeper in the winter
and deeper in the night,
when she had learned
to shape betrayal as it touched her,
when she had learned
to turn the gray into black or white,
when she had learned
the power of silence
and the joy of only discovering blood
after something sharp has passed through,
she found the love of beauty that hurts
she found her place in the pain

a place she needs, now,
to share with you

(her smile inviting)

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you get a different sound depending
on where you hit a broken thing

A cloudy day
A dog growls
A puddle blocks her path

She turns the other way
She turns to me
I am warmth

She knows the geography of my body
My ugliness
And my beauty

I am no secret
I am no exhilaration
I am warmth

But not today
Today, I am cloudy, too
A dog growling
And not interested in her path

I know
What she needs
What she thinks she needs

But my ugliness
Is to walk away
Knowing her pain

Feeling beautiful

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You accuse me
of terrorizing the dandelions
but I simply want to chase them
across the field.
You say they do not move,
but for me,
the moment I catch one
I see another farther away
beckoning seductively.

And so I follow.

You say that’s stupid,
but who has the power to evaluate
how I choose to let beauty affect me?
The dandelions seem to like the game.
“Really?” you say.
And I answer
that all you have to do
is listen.

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