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August 27/29, 2017 (#317)

The light
When it breaks through a misty morning
Sky above ocean
Is silver

The half-breath, half-sigh
When your love rolls over
And continues sleeping next to you
Is the sound of silver

A favorite meal
Cooked every time fresh
And eaten together
Is the taste of silver in the mouth

Every scent gathered in a hug
Nose to neck
So familiar
That it doesn’t need to be noticed
Is silver

Your kiss
Is silver

I know you prefer silver in jewelry
But for the next 25 years
My goal is to touch all of our senses
With gold
And to make you love
Gold jewelry

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2nd Anniversary                (in honor of)     (published in Cider Press Review, 2000)

When I shaved my beard
The hair fell clumped
Into the bathtub.

She asked me not to clean it.

She swept it into her palms
And took it outside.
She raised it as an offering
And let the wind blow it away.

She cried when it disappeared
Like she does
When she sees a helium balloon
Free and floating up.

“I often dream of flying,” she said.
“But I’m afraid you do, too.”

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