My philosophies on writing (other philosophies are for other platforms):

  • All writing is good writing.  This does not mean that all writing is quality writing.  But even bad poems (aesthetically) have a purpose.  Sometimes you just need to get the crappy poems out so they don’t gum up the others.  Sometimes you want to capture a moment or a memory.  Not everything has to be of publishable quality.  I will try to live this philosophy by occasionally posting my not-so-successful poems (often from my younger voice).
  • Everyone can be a poet.  You just have to do it (thank you, Nike).
  • There is no such thing as writer’s block.  That is just uber editing.  You decide even before you put something down on paper that it is not what you want to say.  And then maybe it’s procrastination, too.
  • Once the poem is written and shared it partially belongs to the reader.  I will continue to have my own ideas and impressions of my writing, but the impressions of others are as equally important.
  • I generally don’t want to write about real truth.  Hopefully I do write emotional/universal/poetic truth.  Most of the situations in my poems did not happen to me.  I am just trying to capture an image, an emotional state or a particular impression and delve into it.  Don’t read too much into them to analyze me.

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