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What really matters (#296)


“A man knows where he is from when he knows where he would like to be buried.”
–Colum McCann

You can bury me wherever you want:
Garden, ocean, cemetery plot.
It doesn’t matter to me.
The body will be done.

But I do know where I want to be a ghost–
A bench somewhere
Overlooking a lake, pond, mountain trail.
Anywhere someone would sit and think.
I want to haunt them with whispers,
Reflective ideas they would think came
From the gentle breeze,
Recite some poetry
They could sense but not hear
So they looked out from that bench
With a poet’s eye,
Maybe sing gently just beyond their reach.

When I die
I want to stay in the conversation
Of beauty and ideas and connections.

You can do what you want with my body.
Just leave me the words.


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Tastes like chicken

frog legs
kangaroo tail
human flesh
corduroy chairs
trench coats
wooden tennis rackets
yield signs
the color tan
dentist office music
speed bumps
Elvis impersonators
4:37 p.m.
Ringo Starr
self help books
phone company commercials
email spam
words that end in -ing

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you get a different sound depending
on where you hit a broken thing

A cloudy day
A dog growls
A puddle blocks her path

She turns the other way
She turns to me
I am warmth

She knows the geography of my body
My ugliness
And my beauty

I am no secret
I am no exhilaration
I am warmth

But not today
Today, I am cloudy, too
A dog growling
And not interested in her path

I know
What she needs
What she thinks she needs

But my ugliness
Is to walk away
Knowing her pain

Feeling beautiful

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thin-veined soul…

thin veined soul
            dry leaf
        left in the sun
            brown now at the edges
soon to crumble into nothingness

his soul used to be
                            wet and vibrant
the colors of Spring
            bud into bloom
    a lush soul

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then you’ll know

he’s got the forehead of a friend

cut out his face
paste it in silhouette on the page

send it to your friend
to tell him you’ve missed him

wait for a reply

maybe he’ll send you
a picture of your lips

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sky curves around hill
cups her shape
into long blue hands
drinks from her
to savor greenness
(clouds shroud them
with disapproval)
sky releases hill
fades into the long night
of loneliness
(stars and moon
hear him cry)
on the other side
of the sun

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jazzy jump

it’s that jazzy jump time
words bumpin in your mind
you got to pull them out
                pull them out
you got to fight those voices
those voices that haunt you
                    that taunt you
flauntin their know how
into your i-don’t-know eyes
you got to
your power
don’t cower behind
“but I’m not a writer” items
                    like trite lines
                    frightened of night time blues
you got to use
those loose words
bumpin in your mind
to that jumpin beat
and heat up some iron lines
            to kill those voices
               chill those voices
before your insides
dry up
and die

don’t deny your power
you got to
let your words live and
                                give them
                                to the rhythm
                                of the jazzy jump time
                                give them
                                to the rhythm
                                of your jazzy jump mind

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