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A form of poetry with set guidelines. I discovered this on The American Poetry Journal. They explain it best. You can check out their description here:

Sevenling (After watching the latest blockbuster) (#307)

After watching the latest blockbuster
She gushes about her dream superpowers:
Invisibility, flying, time travel.

I stay quiet, lost in my thoughts:
Instantaneously counting birds in a flying flock,,
Knowing the exact edge of a wave’s foam,
Perfect emotional pitch.

We will save different worlds.

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Sevenling (she reads stories for the plot) (#295)


She reads stories for the plot
To escape
To dream
To become someone new

But I read poetry for the language
The sound
The word
The letter

We define beauty in the other

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Sevenling (trickery fascinates me)

Trickery fascinates me:
   The pea that is lost under the walnut shell,
   The magician’s assistant who enters the cage and vanishes,
   An assassin who skillfully uses the shadows.

My father has a daily routine, has had this routine since retirement:
   Sleep in a darkened room during the day while my mother moves through
        the rest of the house,
   Eat dinner while watching the news, ask for the salt during commercials,
   Immediately hand the phone to my mother if I call.

There are many ways to disappear.

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Sevenling (you try to teach me)

You try to teach me truths about things I already know
But don’t really understand
Speed of light, gravity, magnetism

So I quickly smile
Pull you into me
And kiss you

Only in you do I understand these truths

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Sevenling (Things defined by their absence:)                (new)

Things defined by their absence:
The last exhale of breath, light blocked
by the horizon, the color of a silhouette

When I call, she does not answer
When I knock, she is not there
When I see her, she is blind

I breathe smoke rings in the night air

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Sevenling (I have waited for her return)

I have waited for her return
Through memories of summer mornings
Autumn lunches in the park
Winter walks in frosty midnight air

When I finally see her in Spring
She gives me an air hug and the European three-kiss
Right cheek, left cheek, right cheek

I guess our lips are just for talking now

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Sevenling (Winter, in its pessimism)

Winter, in its pessimism, thinks it tells the truth about the other seasons
        Spring and its fake innocence
        Summer and its fake joy
        Fall and its fake pity

I walk along the beach in January, bundled against the biting wind
Picking up starfish, seaweed, even rocks
And throwing them as far as I can into the ocean

I walk with my trousers rolled

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