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Stand and Salute             published in Fat Tuesday, 1995

I pledge allegiance
to dogs that love spaghetti,
engineer hats,
Nat King Cole’s voice,
books that take me someplace
and sex in the shower…
in the United States of America
and to baggy sweaters,
uncolorized movies,
poems scrawled on walls,
songs in my key
and to a good jelly doughnut…
for which I’ll stand,
one legged
in the rain
in underwear
with laughing gas and jew’s-harps for all…

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Sometimes we forget, my love            (published in Poem, May 1999)

A blackbird flies away.
Hardly an omen,
But the world suddenly darkens.
Black wings become the sky.

Leaves stop falling.
(Death on the branch
Feels better
Than death on the ground)

Then hummingbirds rise from the honeysuckle.
Their wings are the wind
Blowing leaves down
And the dark sky over the horizon.

A blackbird cries
From the distance.

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Secrets, as they always are               (published Remark, October 2007)

I tell you my secrets
The ones I have never shared
You sit cross legged on the couch
Facing me
I stare out into the blackness
    Talking, sharing

But I’m lying to you
   –That never happened to me
   –I never thought that until now
   –I may fear that
           but it’s a surface fear

In the dark I make myself cry
Knowing this makes you think
You love me more
But I don’t reach out to you
Or finally face you
Or turn on the light

I am trying to find my real secrets
The ones I have hidden so deep
I can’t touch them myself

For tonight, though, I guess these lies will do
And I will hide that secret, too

           (I love you)

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Hurricane Samantha               (published Abbey, 1995)

hurricane dreams
    invade my personal Florida
the screens on my window
    break the air into little pieces
            tiny cubes
    that arrow in and land around me
they are detached eyes
    watching me
I try to throw them back
    into the dark and heavy air
    but the wind blows in more

you leave me no choice

I gather the eyes
    around my bed
    and dance for your pleasure


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Jesus of Ellis Island            (published in Iconoclast, 1999)

The Second Coming has arrived
        but Jesus
    is held up in immigration
This time
        he was not betrayed by Judas
        but ignored
                by the bureaucrats
    who wouldn’t believe
        his reason for visiting
He would have called
                Mary Magdalene
        as a character witness
        but there are multiple listings for her
                in New York City
And the unwashed masses
        don’t know what to do
        without the messiah
                who for now
        is just a long haired guy
        waiting for his green card
    to get into
                The Promised Land

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In Touch With God        (published Comstock Review, Spring 1998)

From across the room
You see a woman
And the way she turns her shoulder
Reminds you
Of all you have ever known.

You want to go to her
And ask her name.
    Find out how she came to be here
        At this time
        For you to watch her shoulder move,
    Find out her secret dreams
        And who she would love
        If she could,
    Find out how her shoulder
        Is the sign of your past,
    Find out
        What God connected you.

But she has already left the room.

You begin again
Forgetting all you have known.
And the air is as empty
As the womb after birth.

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still life                     (published Midwest Poetry Review, 1996)

I lie here
          in your painted anguish,
                    a naked model
                    for you to recreate.
I don’t mind
          the lack of privacy
          but your brushstrokes
                    leave me bruised
          and I know
                    it will show
                    on your canvas.
You like coloring
          your anguish
          with me
                    and I, the model,
                    accept this.

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