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Future Parental Lecture #83                (high school)

“Now Junior,
don’t complain.
When I was a kid
we actually had to get up
to change the channel.
I had to mow the lawn, too,
none of this controlled growth grass.
If I wanted to eat
I had to fix the sandwich myself
not to mention having to cook on a stove.
From the time I was sixteen
I had to work in a restaurant.
What’s that?
Oh, well, never mind.
You’ll understand when the computer
teaches cultural history.
Speaking of school,
I don’t know if you’ll believe this,
but I actually had to ride a bus
three miles in the rain to get to school.
And your granddad,
he had to walk four miles through the snow.
It’s the white stuff
that they put on top of the mountains
for the artists.”

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Bloodbath                (bad high school)

To halt wars
Gather together
All the leaders of the world
Like little children
And bathe them,
In blood.

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Poem #1–Math
(embarrassingly bad first poem ever–age 13)

Math, the boring beginning
of a not-so-perfect day.
Trying to form our minds
as if they were clay.
Teaching us stuff
That we will never use.
Coming out of class
thoroughly confused.

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Why I Write Poetry                    (high school)

I escape through a crystal door
Where leaves chatter as they fall
And frogs live in shoelaces.
Where ivory statues
Animated by thoughts and feelings
Act out my dreams and nightmares,
Live and then die heroes’ deaths.
Where the possibilities of the future
Come to life
And the memories of the past
Leave the haunted vaults of my mind
To roam the world.

I escape
Into a world of fantasy
Where my ideas and images
Burst out of their prisons
To cast images onto the page.

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Del Mar Beach, 19th Street, June, 1983                      (high school)

Seagulls rise to fly
Against the blustering winds
But make no headway.
Buffeted about
They soar motionless and strive to advance.
They dive to find small air currents
That will take them on their way,
Only to be pushed back up again
By the persistent winds.
Diving again and again
They struggle for the right slipstream
And slowly,
Make progress.

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Young Lion                      (high school)

With band-aids on elbows
And pink, skinned knees
The young lion charges through life.
His dirt painted face
Camouflages him
As he hides in the bushes
And mud puddles of his youth.
Garbed in a backward baseball cap
And a western holster
Holding a laser gun,
He stalks his unwary prey.
Gliding through the jungles
Of his neighborhood
He hunts in vain.
“You just wait!”
He roars like a king.
“I’ll catch you yet
And stay a kid forever.”

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Writer’s Restaurant                            (high school)

“May I help you, sir?”
“Yes. I’d like a slice of irony please.”
“Dramatic, situational, or verbal?”
“Surprise me.”

“I’m sorry, sir, but the chef told me he’s all out of irony. Would you care for something else?”
“What would you recommend?”
“Alliteration, allusion, apostrophe, synecdoche, assonance, consonance, or sarcasm. That’s the house favorite.”
“Anything else?”
“Well, if you want something exotic, we have litotes. We have an Hawaiian cook who makes great onomatopoeia. If you want something bitter we have cacophony or something really sweet the choice is euphony. We also have a million hyperboles but one’s usually enough for anyone. And then we have the good old American favorites: simile, imagery, and symbolism.”
“I think I’ll have a metaphor.”

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