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Desert Tale                   (college)

The trees lean over the highway
Like beggars asking for a handout
Buffeted by the unsympathetic wind
Of our passing.
It is the best way for them to stay cool
In the unblocked heat.

Later, farther away from civilization,
Where there are no trees
And cactus farm is redundant,
The red rock turns the sky lavender.
The undersides of clouds glow pink
In the afternoon,
A slight blush on the clouds,
And when the sun fails
The sky fades from dusky pink to black
Only to reverse itself the next morning.
And when there are no clouds,
The day sky is more immense than the night,
And the night sky is powdered
With billions of stars
Like white stars (the best metaphor).
All through the rock,
Chasms made by the force of the river,
Now chained by men,
And boulders seemingly strewn
Into balletic positions,
Crag the earth as if to show
The power of beauty.
Thunderstorms roll over the land
That flash, and hit,
And then move on
Leaving clay red puddles
And nothing else:
A transitory villain.
Scattered images of art.

And on the road back to civilization
The trees lean over the highway
Like doormen
Waving us along.

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Paris in your eyes                     (college)

We met once, you and I,
On a boulevard strewn with flowers
And summer-rain dreams.
We thought it was Paris
Though the passersby spoke only English
And the cafe was an all-night deli.
I saw Paris in your eyes.
We talked on things we’d once dreamed
And asked questions
That only silence could answer.
And the flowers bloomed in the rain.
We closed our umbrellas
Deciding tears could not hurt us.

We met again, you and I,
On that same boulevard
Though we each strolled with strangers.
Once I saw you, Paris returned.
You answered my questions with silence
And I understood.
And the flowers wilted in the rain.
We did not touch
And my stranger raised her umbrella
To protect me from your tears.

I wander now alone
Along my boulevard strewn with flowers.
No one listens for me as they pass
And the deli is closed.
Even my dreams are ending.
Questions I once asked in silence
I’ve forgotten in the answer of my life.
And the flowers burn in the summer sun.
I need no umbrella
For not even the Paris sky
Cares enough to cry for me.

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Dance with me awhile                  (college)

I spin in slow circles
On unmoving feet,
But with perfect balance.
Standing in a vacuum
I watch you
Spinning in the light above me.
Come dance with me awhile.

I want to waltz with you
To the music
Of a pink and orange sunset
And to the silence
Of the following moonrise.
We can learn the steps together
Neither leading
Neither following.
And after every song
The moon driven waves
Will dance up onto the beach
And erase our footprints
So we can begin again.
Dancing with you
Will never tire me.
Come dance with me awhile.

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What do you see?                 (college)

I miss you.
I look into your eyes
Searching for a smiling reflection of me,
But see only a darkened doorway
With flickers of light
I don’t recognize.
Do you still love me?
I ask you
And you say, “Of course.”
But you sleep with your back to me
And so it seems to me
That we’re no longer
A couple
But rather two married automatons
Who live together.
I guess I have too much time to think
And too little time to talk with you,
But I miss the light
In your eyes
That used to come from my reflection.
Now I see myself
Only in shadows.
Am I going to just fade away?

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Dreams of an Eagle                       (college)

I streak after the light of a sunrise
But the eagle in flight soars above me
And the day passes.
Trapped in a bubble
I dream of riding the eagle to heaven
Clinging to his talons with my bloodied body.
But sunlight never comes to rescue me.

I batter my shell
Fighting with fists against night.
They meet no resistance
But bounce back, attacking me.
Tired and bruised, I sleep.

The eyes of the eagle
Pierce through my bubble
To wake me and grant me the power of flight.
Heartened, I leap after the eagle
And struggle to catch up.
Pulled along by his power, I soar next to him
Screaming like the wind with joy.

We stare into each other
And his eyes tell me where he’s leading.
I try to pull away
But the power of his dark wings
Holds me as surely as bloody talons.
We merge
And for the first time I see
His cruel beak
And the ferocity in his eyes.

Am I the hunter or the prey?

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Portrait                            (college writing)

This would make a good painting.
Light shining
On the white wall behind you
As you stare forward
Intent and poised.
Catch it from my perspective
Of looking between cedar pillars,
As I am,
And paint it with a flair
And a mixture of colors
That would do you justice
But which is beyond me–
Your brown hair with hints of burgundy
And blue eyes
I can even see from this far away
Set off against your
White uniform blouse.
You move
And the moment is lost.
But you are no less beautiful.

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Dance, Lisa, Dance                    (college)

Dance with me awhile
Spinning in slow circles
Underneath a maze
Of raised silver swords–

Oops, too romantically medieval.
Try again.

Dance with me awhile
As I stare into your eyes
Lost in their depth
Oblivious to the music–

Way too schmaltzy.
Not so poetic this time.

Dance with me awhile
Cyclones battling
Eyes facing eyes
On a gauzy beach–

Whoa! Too bizarre and abstract.
Oh well,

Just dance with me awhile
And I’ll be happy.

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