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an itch of you (#318)

my past loves
were palm-tree-bending-winds
invigorating and scary
types of loves

but I have always had an itch of you
middle of my back
can’t quite reach it
constantly there
itch of you

in the eye of a hurricane
or roaming a desert
or while a bomb was dropping
the itch was still there

I know I could have scratched it
if I really wanted to be rid of you
rubbed against a post
or bought one of those long-handled wooden claws
but part of me understood
your itch was important

and finally, now,
a wiser, surer man
I am ready to revel
in a full blown
body covering
rash of you

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August 27/29, 2017 (#317)

The light
When it breaks through a misty morning
Sky above ocean
Is silver

The half-breath, half-sigh
When your love rolls over
And continues sleeping next to you
Is the sound of silver

A favorite meal
Cooked every time fresh
And eaten together
Is the taste of silver in the mouth

Every scent gathered in a hug
Nose to neck
So familiar
That it doesn’t need to be noticed
Is silver

Your kiss
Is silver

I know you prefer silver in jewelry
But for the next 25 years
My goal is to touch all of our senses
With gold
And to make you love
Gold jewelry

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