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Sevenling (she reads stories for the plot) (#295)


She reads stories for the plot
To escape
To dream
To become someone new

But I read poetry for the language
The sound
The word
The letter

We define beauty in the other

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Yesterday’s decision                     (new)

So I finally decided to go ahead
And decorate the wall
You’ve put up between us.
My mom recommended I place a ficus
Right in front of the wall
To cover it in shadow,
But, as you know,
I kill plants.
So instead I went to IKEA
And bought a couple of faux modern art prints,
Very colorful and obtuse,
To frame the corners
And I put up a couple of shelves
And filled them with knick-knacks
And pictures of our trips together
That I used to think were important.
As I was drilling in the screws
To attach the shelves
I was kind of hoping you would pound on the wall
And tell me to be quiet.
But maybe you weren’t there.
But the wall is pretty now.
It’s a focal point of my room.
I could stare at it for hours.

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