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A simple observation               (new)

The first time teenagers hold hands
On a school trip, say,
They just seem to accidentally
Be traveling the same way
Then they are somehow next to each other
A lot
And then closer and closer
Until their hands
Are coincidentally next to their sides
And they are too close not to touch
Then entwine

They never look at each other
And don’t talk
But in walking this way
They become a couple

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Talking with Krista

In an absurdist world
When you walk out of the room
You cease to exist
   I don’t see you
   I don’t hear you
   So there is no you
All that I have are quick time memories I cannot trust
Of a voice
Of a laugh
Of the shadow under a late night street lamp
And as years go by
Even those memories fade
Yellowing into dust

But the world is absurd in so many ways
The door to the room opens
And you walk back in
   I can see you
   I can hear you
   There is a you
   There is an us

But it’s a different us
We aren’t about who we were 15 years ago
But who we are now
Meeting for the first time
In bodies and minds that are vaguely familiar
And with voices that sound like someone we once knew

So the room is open
And the absurdity goes on
Whether we like it or not
And it’s time to figure out what this existence
This us

If nothing else,
Thanks for opening the door again

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Tastes like chicken

frog legs
kangaroo tail
human flesh
corduroy chairs
trench coats
wooden tennis rackets
yield signs
the color tan
dentist office music
speed bumps
Elvis impersonators
4:37 p.m.
Ringo Starr
self help books
phone company commercials
email spam
words that end in -ing

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Stand and Salute             published in Fat Tuesday, 1995

I pledge allegiance
to dogs that love spaghetti,
engineer hats,
Nat King Cole’s voice,
books that take me someplace
and sex in the shower…
in the United States of America
and to baggy sweaters,
uncolorized movies,
poems scrawled on walls,
songs in my key
and to a good jelly doughnut…
for which I’ll stand,
one legged
in the rain
in underwear
with laughing gas and jew’s-harps for all…

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