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Valentine for Kerry

He watches
as she bends down
       and pours sand
   from her shoe.

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Lydia’s breath

It is a night of breath holding—
the first night of many first nights
it does not matter
if there will be second nights

For this is a night of anticipation
the first hesitant intake of breath
and then the refusal
          the strong refusal
               to let it back out
    the holding
    the holding
          more full on the inside now
                         than the outside
    the holding
                         and then the release
gradual or fast does not matter
    the release is controlled
    the power is controlled

Tonight is one breath more

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Jackal’s Cross

I dreamt of a cross
Except for two jackal’s faces
On the horizontal ends.
I stepped up
And fit the wood to my back
Trying to bring the Gods
Back to earth.
The jackals turned and looked at me
And smiled at my stretching arms.
In turn, I looked at the world.
Nothing had changed.
People passed by
Content with the view of others’ heels
And kicked up dust
That swirled by my face
Only to be swallowed by the jackals.
For a moment I felt immortal–
If only because I knew why they abandoned us.
I pulled my arms back in
And stepped off the Cross.
The jackals watched me walk away.

When I awoke
My arms ached
And a slight itch tickled my back.
But it quickly disappeared.

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Jesus of Ellis Island            (published in Iconoclast, 1999)

The Second Coming has arrived
        but Jesus
    is held up in immigration
This time
        he was not betrayed by Judas
        but ignored
                by the bureaucrats
    who wouldn’t believe
        his reason for visiting
He would have called
                Mary Magdalene
        as a character witness
        but there are multiple listings for her
                in New York City
And the unwashed masses
        don’t know what to do
        without the messiah
                who for now
        is just a long haired guy
        waiting for his green card
    to get into
                The Promised Land

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Guerilla my dreams

She creeps through the grass of my eyes–
A guerilla with a knife in her mouth
Matching her breathing
To the rustle of the blades.
She lightly slips between
Strands of barbed wire
And skims over hidden traps (set long ago)
Without triggering them.
My alarm system fails me.
Eventually she reaches the open pasture
And it is too late for me.
Her knife has pinned me to her love.


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angled branches

angled branches
dangle from the sky
(it seems)
leaf-loaded with plums
ready for eating

by nature I avoid
windfall fruit
sure that worms have already feasted

I look up
waiting for the plums to fall
like I do
when the first raindrops of a summer storm
strike my forehead

I always look up

this is not a failing
nor is it really a conscious choice

I, by nature, look up

the plums will fall
the rain will fall
and I will continue
to look up

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In Touch With God        (published Comstock Review, Spring 1998)

From across the room
You see a woman
And the way she turns her shoulder
Reminds you
Of all you have ever known.

You want to go to her
And ask her name.
    Find out how she came to be here
        At this time
        For you to watch her shoulder move,
    Find out her secret dreams
        And who she would love
        If she could,
    Find out how her shoulder
        Is the sign of your past,
    Find out
        What God connected you.

But she has already left the room.

You begin again
Forgetting all you have known.
And the air is as empty
As the womb after birth.

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