15 Nov

Paris in your eyes                     (college)

We met once, you and I,
On a boulevard strewn with flowers
And summer-rain dreams.
We thought it was Paris
Though the passersby spoke only English
And the cafe was an all-night deli.
I saw Paris in your eyes.
We talked on things we’d once dreamed
And asked questions
That only silence could answer.
And the flowers bloomed in the rain.
We closed our umbrellas
Deciding tears could not hurt us.

We met again, you and I,
On that same boulevard
Though we each strolled with strangers.
Once I saw you, Paris returned.
You answered my questions with silence
And I understood.
And the flowers wilted in the rain.
We did not touch
And my stranger raised her umbrella
To protect me from your tears.

I wander now alone
Along my boulevard strewn with flowers.
No one listens for me as they pass
And the deli is closed.
Even my dreams are ending.
Questions I once asked in silence
I’ve forgotten in the answer of my life.
And the flowers burn in the summer sun.
I need no umbrella
For not even the Paris sky
Cares enough to cry for me.

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