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afternoon to twilight

you stopped the cuckoo clock
between the third and fourth chime
grabbing the pendulum
and smothering it between your smooth hands

you said it had nothing to do
with aging

yesterday I gathered all the fingerprints
you have left on our walls
to compare them
with your fingerprints now

nothing has changed

but you won’t let me
restart the clock

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Watching Her              (published in Poem, May 1999)

She eats an orange
The way I would kiss her lips,
Gently reaching forward
And taking its juice
Only as offered.
She is tender and shy,
As if to give the fruit
A chance to refuse.
But the orange
Gives of its sweetness.
After a soft breath-beat
She moves her mouth away,
Licks her lips,
And then leans toward the orange
Once again.

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My father’s house

My father’s house was empty,
A quiet place of nothing
And seemingly no one.
Any sounds I might have made
Usually faded more quickly
Than the footprints I learned not to follow.
They lead nowhere special.
My father’s house
Was a place of blank white walls.
The emptiness drained the color from my eyes.
I finally learned I could leave.
So what to do now after the apology?
When anger and disdain
Have been your life’s helium
And they have drained away
With the real “I’m sorrys”
We do not expect to receive?
What is there left
To hold you up?
My father’s house is still empty,
A quiet place of nothing.
But I am old enough now
To have the color strong in my eyes
And I know that if I make sounds
They will not fade away.
Do I still choose to leave?

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April/October                 (new)

Bring me the poison of your greenness
Broken angel breathing lust
I am dark in the morning
And a prisoner of my tomorrows

Your wild child bones
Will dance me free
               (broken angel breathing lust)
You are delicious
       steel and smoke
The daughter of the sky

Make me afraid
Not to die

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Regret is beautiful                   (new)

Whitened fingers caressing
The vagueness of memory

Teeth and lips and tongue
Trying to entice escaped air
Back into the body

Saddened eyes
Watching receding waves
Succumb to the immensity of ocean

Realizing that yesterdays stretch
Beyond what the horizon knows
Forever and forever

And accepting that the turning of the earth
Gets us no closer

That pain
Is beautiful

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A quiet poem to a friend

We live our lives in the stories we tell
         Of mothers and children
         Crazy people and our friends.

We would like to do more
But it is all we have together.

When we meet it is all catching up–
  What has happened?
    What has changed?
      Who are you now?
And maybe a little future–
    So what’s next for you?
The question is never–
    What’s next for us?

A part of me mourns
That our lives touch in so few places.

But as we sit by this fountain
Telling our stories to share our lives
Part of me accepts
That this connection is enough.
If we can spin and spiral
Away from each other
And find that our lives can still touch
        Each to each
        Past to future
In that touch
  Is our friendship.

And part of me is centered and happy
That I know
There will always be a fountain to sit by
And always be stories to tell
And always be places
Where our lives do touch.

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All parts of my dreaming

All parts of my dreaming are me
It is my hero-self
Rescuing my victim-self
From my murdering-self
My cat-self watches from the window

I am the mountain
That my shamed-self jumps from
My lake-self welcomes the fall

My dreams may wear different faces
Wife talking with me
Father scolding me
Fantasy luring me
But they are
My wife-self

And I love who I am
In my dreamings
My me-self
Never escapes
I wake up sweating

I am the timekeeper
I am the wind
I am all

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