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A message to my students

Don’t move

   in this room
   wants to speak
Right now
   I want to speak

          I want to be the breeze
              that becomes the wind
          The star
              that explodes in the night
          The little ripple in the ocean
              that children run from on the shore
              laughing when I tickle their feet
              with my foam

Right now it’s me
   who needs to speak
But it could be you
          If you reach out and touch trees as you pass them
              just to feel the bark
          If words roll in your brain long after they’re said
              leaving traces of their sound
          If you hear a rhythm
              you can’t get rid of

          If you hear poetry in your mind
              long after you’re asleep

Then it’s you
   who needs to speak
          To ask others
              to be quiet
              don’t move

And then maybe
   one night
you and me
   long after the others have gone
can speak our words
   and explode in light

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I take you on a picnic
In the mountains
To impress you
With how close we are
To the sky.
You lie in the sun
Listening to the grass rustling
And do not hear
My breath
Desperately trying to reach you.
When I move
My shadow falls upon you
And you turn away.

I feel the wind push me
So finally I ask you
To give me your name.
You get up
Walk through the grass
And jump in the mountain stream.
As you drift away
The sky moans
Behind the sunlight.

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Lilies of my eyes

You turn my arms into wings
And water the lilies of my eyes into bloom.
You fill the space between my fears
With soft cotton laughter.
You open the zipper of my mind
To reveal the hidden green of my thoughts.
You make the wind blow through my body
Tickling my bones with kisses.
You hang time by its suspenders
Dangling stars over my dreams.
And when the gravity of life weighs me down
And my images turn gray
You turn my arms back into wings
And water the lilies of my eyes into bloom.

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the elbows of love

i bend when you
      want me too
   stretching and shrinking
              through the patterns you set
i feel awkward sometimes
              an add on
           (i never leave you)
      but you say you need me
              do you lie
              or just pity me my ugliness?
                       maybe if i could sing to you
                       i would understand
at night
   you wrinkle me with your kisses
i stop worrying
   in your arms

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In a dream
I cut off my finger
With a butcher’s cleaver
Trying to kill a fly.
It separated cleanly
Like sharp words
Bitten off
That steam out into cold air.
The pain woke me
And I looked immediately
Hoping to find a whole hand.
It rested, perfectly calm,
Next to my side.
But you were gone.

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Exchanges                                         (new)

Husband             Boss                  Sister
Door                   Phone                Coffee
Tap                    “Now!”                Steam
“Please?”           Assistant            “Sorry.”
Wife                    Mute                  Sister
Sniffles               (later)                 Tea
“Leave.”             (Jerk)                  Stir

Father                 Father                Husband
Sway                   Midnight             TV
Stumble               Needle               Remote
Bottle                  “Why?”               “No!”
Son                     Son                    Wife
Watching             High                   Silent
“Why?”               “Bottle.”               Background


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you open the palm
of your laughter
and kiss it
against my forehead

all day it
wanders through my body
          three times faster
                    than my blood
          three times stronger
                    than my bones
          three times deeper
                    than my heart

at the end
I return your laughter,
fragilely kissed back
into the palm of your hand
         the palm of my life

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Thursday realization                     (new)

Today I am immortal
     (unless I die before the end of the day
      and then this sentiment is quite obviously wrong)–
Not bitten-by-a-radioactive-spider immortal
But not-going-to-die-today immortal.

That being the case,
What does an immortal do?
–Bungee jump from a helicopter?
–March on Congress?
–Eat puffer fish?
–Maybe take a nap?
     (no danger of sleep turning into SLEEP)

I don’t know
But I think I like being immortal.
I can tell people what I feel
And really take any risks I want.
Knowing I will be back tomorrow
Means I can fix any mistakes I make today.

I think I will be immortal every day.
     (until I am proven wrong)

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Why I Write Poetry                    (high school)

I escape through a crystal door
Where leaves chatter as they fall
And frogs live in shoelaces.
Where ivory statues
Animated by thoughts and feelings
Act out my dreams and nightmares,
Live and then die heroes’ deaths.
Where the possibilities of the future
Come to life
And the memories of the past
Leave the haunted vaults of my mind
To roam the world.

I escape
Into a world of fantasy
Where my ideas and images
Burst out of their prisons
To cast images onto the page.

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stranded in anger

your words
                (loud sounds that
cause me
mixed with
                (oh any kind
                           of fear
                  I may have
                       or want)
–the love
     I wish
       could (with all
     parts of my

but your touch
                         (that spark
                          that burns
                          into my
brings me
      back to
smile               (painfully)
even though
           I’m  (still)  angry

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