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Your 500th smile

You smiled at me
For the 500th time yesterday.
It was for something small–
I gave you the blanket
Off the back of the couch
While we watched TV.
You smiled and said, “Thank you.”
Because it was your 500th smile
I kissed you in celebration.
I’m sure you don’t even know
I’ve been counting.
But after the kiss
You smiled for the 501st time.

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I’m stuck in a poem
And I can’t get out.

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Pull me from the sky
For I am already half crazy
With your fluttering wings

The moon of our blood
Has trapped me
So I am always
Just this side of the sunset
Forced to accept the night

Pull me from the sky
Save me from the lunacy
That has taken my sisters

Save me from
My feeble attempts to fly
To sanity

Pull me from the sky

I do not want to be
This kind of child

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Writer’s Restaurant                            (high school)

“May I help you, sir?”
“Yes. I’d like a slice of irony please.”
“Dramatic, situational, or verbal?”
“Surprise me.”

“I’m sorry, sir, but the chef told me he’s all out of irony. Would you care for something else?”
“What would you recommend?”
“Alliteration, allusion, apostrophe, synecdoche, assonance, consonance, or sarcasm. That’s the house favorite.”
“Anything else?”
“Well, if you want something exotic, we have litotes. We have an Hawaiian cook who makes great onomatopoeia. If you want something bitter we have cacophony or something really sweet the choice is euphony. We also have a million hyperboles but one’s usually enough for anyone. And then we have the good old American favorites: simile, imagery, and symbolism.”
“I think I’ll have a metaphor.”

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Being your alibi

You dug a hole
       trying desperately
       to save your vegetables.
As a friend
       I let you place the leftover mound
       in my garden.
The dirt had to go some place.

But now my tomatoes
       are dead.

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Sevenling (a clash of noises)

A clash of noises, loud vs. louder
The third, the quiet one, feels the pain inside like the puncturing of a balloon’s skin
An amber bottle of shame opened nightly, never quite gone enough in the morning

Sunset splashes wide and deep on the horizon
High arching bridge as narrow as two lovers walking hand in hand
Boats float lazily below like calm smiles upon the shockingly cold water

Some endings are more peaceful than others

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Atmospheric changes

If a meteor sizzles
through the atmosphere
and crashes into the ocean
the water level rises across the world
and steam billows toward the sky.

All I know is:
      the ocean of my body overflows
      and my glasses
      are constantly fogged.

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