15 Jun

Family History                                   (college)

And so I fill the cracks with birdseed—
Mom’s recipe
Handed down from a chicken farmer.
But it seems to attract only
Carrion crows and irresponsible sparrows
Not the brilliant cardinal I like so much.
The pellets seep out, too,
To scatter like dandelion fluff
So I constantly refill the supply.

There has to be a better way.

But who am I to buck a family tradition?
     (just as my wife must make
      lasagna and meat loaf like my mother)
I know no other way
And spend my courage in keeping the cracks small.

Weather-worn, I fear I am not strong enough.

But really, why worry?
My parents have gone through life
Denying the cracks in their foundation,
As has the chicken farmer.
They were not broken and have not run out of birdseed.
Maybe they do not sing with the cardinal,
But the crows are company.

Everyone likes visitors,
Even sorrow.

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Posted by on June 15, 2013 in college


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