13 Jun

graduation                             (published Negative Capability, 1995)

a thing nearly forgotten:
                   two birds sat perched upon a wire.
                   i asked you which you thought would leave first.
                   you answered, “the right one.”
                   i asked you how you knew for certain
                   and you answered that wisdom comes
                   from watching and waiting.
                   so we watched and waited.
                   soon i grew tired of watching the unmoving birds
                   sitting on the wire.
                   i told you i no longer cared.
                   you called me “wise one” for the first time.
                   puzzled, i asked you why.
                   you said,
                   “it does not matter which leaves first.
                   both will eventually depart and so
                   will share in the doing.
                   when you stopped caring about
                   the order of things
                   your answer found itself.”

                   when i looked up,
                   the birds were gone.

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