27 May

Tony’s rocks                        (new)

After the first one
He started collecting rocks
To throw at the sky–
Small flinty rocks
To slash at the absolute blue
Then smooth river stones
To go farther, deeper
Powered by a boy’s betrayal.
He hated the quick turning birds
Tracing patterns in the sky;
His feet were heavier than wings.

But they convinced him
The rocks would do no good.

Later, after the next one,
He began bringing home
Large two-handed rocks—
The kind you drop on something
Rather than heave upwards.
His muscles grew strong carrying those rocks.
He figured if he could not rip the sky
He would pound the earth
To bring the sky closer.

But they warned him against that.

So he waited
And collected rocks.

Then, after a lifetime of betrayal and loss
And waiting to throw stones at the sky
He began to build—
Big rocks on the bottom
Smooth river stones
Small flinty rocks–
And he added mud to keep them together.
And he built from the earth
To the sky

A tower

A cairn

A monument

A memorial

And he buried what he needed to
Beneath all of those stones.

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Posted by on May 27, 2013 in new poetry


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