24 Apr

Summer Young Me                       (written in high school)

How to capture
The essence of my youth?
Was it in the socks that turned green
When I played tackle tag
On newly cut grass,
Or in the flakes of skin
That I pulled off my burned nose
Anxious for a new layer?
I counted layers every summer;
My measure of fun.

I never think of the other seasons
When I remember.
Clouds aren’t meant for kids.
Blue skies keep them young.

All the memories–
Rolling down hills,
Playing tornado until I was so dizzy
All I could do was lie in the dandelions
And laugh at the sun freckling my face,
Playing football in the streets
And how mad we got at the cars that invaded our field.

Everything for life was in my neighborhood.
The world was something that all the other kids
Had to use as their playground.
My street was best.

I waged war for weeks
With water pistols and palm tree spears
Until a thunderstorm came
And I declared a truce
To go swimming with my enemy.
Even the rain was just a new friend
For me to play with.

I used to spend hours
On pink skinned knees
With my nose in the grass
Looking for ladybugs and four leaf clovers.
But I didn’t care
If I didn’t find any.

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Posted by on April 24, 2013 in high school


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